The Polo Retreat Cottage is a beautiful natural paradise situated in heart of Polo Forest near Vijaynagar surrounded by The Aravalli range of mountains.

It has the romance of luxury Cottages which have always been an important part of Rajput and Mughal lifestyles, whenever they camped far away from forts and palaces for hunting trips, special events, wars, they used to have a unique experience of living in adventurous Cottages.

  • 2 AC Cottages
  • 4 Non AC Cottages
  • Near to Polo Forest
  • Forest Restaurant
  • Guide available
  • Dog Friendly – Pets Stay Free
  • Car, Bus Parking
  • Garden
  • Campground


  • Polo Heritage Jain Temple.
  • Shiv Temple.
  • Surya Mandir.
  • Sarneshver Mahadev Temple.
  • Dargha Point.
  • Vireshver Temple.
  • Dam Site.
  • Echo Point & Selfie Point.
  • Bhim Mountain Trekking.
  • Viranjali Van.

Best Resort in Polo Forest

The Polo Retreat is an adorable and natural place to stay where you can make your holidays memorable. It makes you experience Yourself in its true essence and colors where you can enjoy the simplicity of a village life.

The morning of Polo Retreat Resort welcomes the sweet chirping of beautiful birds; sunbow towards the trees of Polo Retreat Resort and the moon gives the chill out atmosphere and music sets the tone for an intensively fascinating and glamorous night


  • Campfire Facilities.
  • Adventure activities on Demand.
  • Night safari.
  • Forest Visit.
  • Bird Watching.
  • Corporate & Group events Organizing.
  • School & College Tour.


  • Two Children Garden.
  • Best Forest Jungle Location.
  • Heritage Cottages.
  • Natural Village Experience Rooms.
  • Campfire Facilities.
  • Near to Mountain.
  • Best Staff.